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Care Homes

Choosing the right care home can be a difficult task, the home must offer the right kind of care - from respite to nursing, dementia to rehabilitation. Location is crucial, as is setting, ambience, and the approach of the staff. The links provided will help you make your decision more easily. Some homes offer the new resident the opportunity to personalize their bedrooms, letting them choose their own furniture, the colour of the walls and the carpet. Most offer activities such as having a haircut or massage, playing bingo or doing quizzes, or outings to the local shops or parks. One home even has its own cinema! For many of the elder generation attending a Sunday service is important, and some homes ensure this.
Please find a selection of 'care homes' in Hampton, Kingston, Walton and Sunbury areas.

If you would like your care home to be listed with a banner link, please call 020 8979 9858 or email

Good luck, we hope you find somewhere that suits both you and your loved one or relative.

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